Kate Irwin

for Wilson District Supervisor

Vote this November!

November 5, 2013

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We've Got to do Better

Plan for Purpose & Growth: Seek and create opportunities to make Grayson County competitive and appealing to new businesses and industry to bring jobs to our residents.

Fiscal Responsibility and Community Planning: Develop and maintain a balanced budget to serve Grayson County's financial obligations.

Strengthen Education: Invest in our teachers and schools for a better future for our children.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

My husband and I raised our family in Grayson County and now is my time to give back.

Grayson County is our home and family roots run deep. Both of my children graduated from Grayson County Highschool, participated in sports and flourished with the traditional music we love.

As a business owner for more than 24 years, my work and life experience includes day-to-day business operations, budgeting, meeting deadlines and more. Serving as a board member of two Chambers of Commerce, I have contributed to and participated in, decision and policy making for businesses and Chamber members.

I ask for your vote this November and for your help in moving Grayson County into a strong future. I want your voice to be heard.